Episode 22 - Interview with Cyrus Shepard

This week we have a very special guest on the show, Cyrus Shepard, former SEO head at the software company Moz.


Episode 21 - What Should An Inbound Blog Be?

In this podcast, we talk about content and inbound blogging in terms of what to include, inbound blogging tactics, what inbound blogging isn't and some of the common pitfalls. We talk through the process from choosing a keyword, right through to the final results.


Episode 20 - Top Google Adwords Tips and Tricks

In this podcast we talk about Google Adwords -is it worth the spend? Does it still offer value to companies? Are you being left behind if you aren't moving to social ads like your competitors?


Episode 19 - Inbound Marketing Planning for 2018

In our latest podcast, we talk through how you can begin to plan your campaigns for 2018, the process that you should go through, how long it will take to see results and how you can encourage buy-in from your team.


Episode 18 - Inbound 17 Recap and Review

It's been about 2 months now since we returned from Inbound 17. We have had lots of time to reflect on what we learnt, how we can implement it for our clients and how other Hubspot users can make the most of what we learnt whilst we were there.


Episode 17 - Getting Started with Inbound Marketing

Getting started with inbound marketing can be daunting. In this episode was talk about how we all started with inbound marketing and pass on our tips for success!


Episode 16 - How To Make A Good Marketing Report with Pete Caputa from Databox

Reporting is one of the biggest issues marketers face - getting everything in one place, creating in a timely manner and having meaningful insights - we hear this time and time again.


Episode 15 - Interview with Rand Fishkin from Moz Marketing, conferences & SEO

When we started Inbound After Hours we had a chat about all the amazing people we could get on the show. This week we are delighted that the person top of that list is on the show.


Episode 14 - How To Motivate Yourself and Your Marketing Team with Luke Staton

A bit of a different angle on the show this week. It's all about mindset and motivation - with guest Luke Staton.


Episode 13 - Content Marketing & SEO with Neil Patel

Wow - this week we have another huge guest from the digital marketing world - best selling author and Co-Founder of Crazy Egg & Hello Bar: Neil Patel!


Episode 12 - Email Marketing in 2017, What Works and What Doesn't

This week we talk about Email Marketing in 2017. What works right now, what doesn't, our pet hates, tips, tricks and much more!


Episode 11 - SEO in 2017 & Beyond with Matthew Barby (Global Head of Growth & SEO at HubSpot)

Matt is very well respected in the SEO industry so we quizzed him about SEO in 2017 to get viewers trusted advice on what works today, and what will work tomorrow...


Episode 10 - HubSpot's Marketing Strategies with Kipp Bodnar CMO of HubSpot

Continuing with our guests from our visit to HubSpot HQ in Boston we spoke with Kipp Bodnar, CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of HubSpot. In this epiosde we talk about how HubSpot do marketing for themselves.


Episode 9 - What Is HubSpot And Why Do We Use It?

When we started the podcast we didn't intend to talk specifically about HubSpot that much. As it turns out as a HubSpot agency that's pretty tough to do! So we thought we would jump right in and do a full episode on HubSpot, so when we are waffling about it in the future you have some context!


Episode 8 - The Future Of Inbound Marketing with Brian Halligan CEO + Founder of HubSpot

Wow, only 8 episodes into the podcast and we have managed to get the man himself on the show - Brian Halligan (Co-Founder & CEO of HubSpot). Brian wrote the book on inbound marketing, literally, so if you want to know where inbound marketing is going - this is the episode for you!


Episode 7 - Why Podcasting Is Important with Jenny Butler of HubSpot

In this week's inbound after hours we had Jenny Butler from HubSpot join us to talk about podcasting. If your business is looking for another channel to grow awareness then listen up and learn why podcasting is important!


Episode 6 - Why creating buyer personas is critical

This week we chat about the importance of creating personas and why they are a critical foundation to your marketing strategy. We’ll discuss how to overcome challenges when creating personas and give you advice on how to overcome them.


Episode 5 - The importance of video marketing 2017

This week we chat about the importance of video marketing in 2017 as well as our challenges getting started with video, the challenges we think in-house marketing face and advice on how to overcome them.


Episode 4 - Marketing and sales alignment (Part 2)

Last week we left you on a Coronation Street-esque cliff hanger so without further delay we will continue on from last weeks episode, discussing all things marketing and sales alignment with Diarmuid from HubSpot.


Episode 3 - Marketing and sales alignment (Part 1)

This week on Inbound After Hours we have a special guest, Diarmuid Walsh from HubSpot, and a special two part episode. In this two part episode we discussed why and how sales and marketing must be aligned for the best results.


Episode 2 - Social Media Ads

The second episode of our weekly podcast where we have a laid back chat about the inbound marketing world. This week, we explore the massive opportunity at hand in the world of social media ads. When they work, when they don't and the fact your mam will one day be on Snapchat.


Episode 1 - All Things Blogging

Ever been frustrated by blogging? Everyone is talking about it but you can't understand why you aren't getting the results you need from it, then this show is for you. Hear our experts give their opinion on all things blogging to help you clarify exactly what you need to be doing.

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