Hi Manchester!
If you're looking for support
with HubSpot and inbound marketing
you've come to the right place

The biggest 100% HubSpot agency in the UK, and just a stones throw away from Manchester.
Get a feel for the type of company you’ll be working with by watching this video.

We're Digital 22, a Clitheroe-based Inbound Marketing Agency just 28 miles from good ol’ Manchester (that’s a 45 minute drive!) and we're The Largest HubSpot Agency in The UK & The #1 Rated HubSpot Agency in Europe.

But the niceties out of the way, you’re not interested in who we are, you’re interested in how to grow your business. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Imagine having a team of 41 marketing professionals to help you reach your goals

Sound good? Well that's exactly what you'll get when you work with us. 

Our team is commited to helping you reach your growth targets. Digital 22 will become your marketing team, so we think it's only right that you can see what's happening with your account, in real time.

That's why we have a very transparent project management system and we set up extensive reporting dashboards to keep you in the loop.

Hit your targets by leveraging our proven process

We've been working with the inbound marketing methodology for nine years and switched to being exclusively on HubSpot 6 years ago.

We don't mind admitting we made a few mistakes along the way but we've learned from them and so you can be certain that you won't face those same hurdles that we have. Our experience has allowed us to fine-tune our process which means you can benefit from this to fast track your growth.

Our ways of working are designed to help you get the results you need to help your business grow.

This is what you’ll say about our service

“Digital 22 have been fundamental to the onboarding and delivery of the inbound methodology and HubSpot onboarding across our divisional locations. The solutions and content given have been tailored to our specific business needs which have led to valuable results.”
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You can be sure of your decision to work with this team as they’re all certified by industry leaders

Every member of the team is certified in inbound marketing (even our accounts and HR teams) so everyone will speak your language. Beyond that, every specialist has certifications which prove they’re at the top of their game and can do the best job for you. Here’s a sample of those certifications:



The returns will be significantly more than the investment, making you the superhero in your business.

Speak with Caroline, our Solutions Manager, who can answer your questions and outline the best way to work with us to hit your goals