Hi, we're Digital 22, specialists in inbound marketing...

...utilising HubSpot best practices and based in Clitheroe (that's just 28 miles from Manchester city centre!). We are the only Platinum HubSpot agency in the North of England and we run the Manchester HubSpot User Group

But hey, if you are looking for a HubSpot agency you might be more interested in these things…

1. We’re 100% HubSpot

Being 100% focused on HubSpot has allowed us to become experts on it. We don’t try and spread our time across multiple platforms and tactics - we know what we do well and that’s inbound marketing and website design on HubSpot. Having all our customers on HubSpot means we know what works, what doesn’t and how to get the best from the amazing tool.

2. Our experience

Before we utilised HubSpot for clients, we ran it for ourselves. In the early days we tested every idea - some worked and some failed. Why are we telling you this? We want you to benefit from our experience and not make the same mistakes we did. We’ve spent thousands of hours using HubSpot so we can guide you to the results you need in the quickest time possible.

If you know HubSpot is right for you and you need local agency support, then we’re a safe pair of hands. We’re helped dozens of companies grow exponentially through the HubSpot platform, and we’ve love it if you were our next success story!

We’ve helped dozens of frustrated marketers become superheroes in their company - and we’d love it if you were the next one.

Want to chat about your HubSpot needs? We’d be happy to chat:

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