Let real user-led data decide your website’s strategy and design

A new website project is a big deal. It’s a big gamble to make sure you get everything right. And a lot of it is just based on the skill of a designer’s eye and a bit of keyword research. But what if there was something more?

Instead of guessing, we believe in GDD

Growth-Driven Design is what we believe in. It starts with letting your user’s feedback and analysis shape the strategy, not just general trends and assumptions. And it doesn’t ever end.

  • We start by analysing your current website’s performance and your visitors’ behaviour closely, as well as a bunch of other stuff to form a plan
  • And we follow the 80/20 principle and create a streamlined launchpad site that recreates an improved version of your top-20% most impactful pages because they bring 80% of results
  • Then, the day after your new-and-improved site goes live, we carry on analysing user behaviour and feedback to start planning how to make impactful improvements
  • Then we do them. And start making your website better and better

And we’ve won multiple awards for what we do

Because we know GDD is the only true way to build innovative and most-effective websites, we closely train all of our team on the methodology. In fact, our process has been handmade with the inventor of GDD himself, HubSpot’s very own, Luke Summerfield.

  • You can take a peek at us fine-tuning our process together here
  • And check out our award-winning HubSpot GDD website work here
  • Or here for another winning submission

We’ve got a 100% success rate for awards from HubSpot for our GDD and website work. Would you like your website to be next?

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You might just want a website partner. That’s cool too

You might want to keep control of your website’s strategy entirely. That’s totally fine as well and something we do just as much as GDD. If you’re considering an inbound marketing or general HubSpot partner, but want someone who can do continuous web design and development too, the search is over.

  • You can use us as an extension of your team.
  • You can utilise one of the largest in-house HubSpot teams in Europe, with none of the HR commitments. We become your team.
  • And learn a whole load along that way, thanks to our core focus to Grow, Learn and Enjoy. Together.

Whether you want a full-package website partner to create and execute an innovative Growth-Driven Design plan with you or simply want the option to carry on designing and developing your site in line with your own agenda; get a partner who can do both.

How would your new website be delivered?
Still want to find out more all about Growth-Driven Design?
You can check out our extensive pillar page on the methodology here.

This is what you’ll be saying about your new and improved website:

“It’s all measured to the nth degree in HubSpot and is instantly visible to the sales team. It enables me to relax, once I’ve had that thought late at night, maybe when I’m taking the dog out for a walk at lunchtime, and come up with some other ideas. My experience working with Digital 22 has been amazing. I’m absolutely thrilled to have found them.”

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Now it’s time to build your new website differently.

Achieve true website confidence for the first time ever

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