Grow, Learn and Enjoy. Together.

That's Digital 22's core purpose. It's why we exist as a company. When planning for 2021, we thought how can we bring this purpose to life for more people?

One of the ideas we came up with is sharing our knowledge of HubSpot and inbound with as many people as possible. Not just through our blogs, videos and podcast, but actually getting hands-on.

So, for the whole of 2021, we're offering, for free, to do just that. We want to give a group of like-minded individuals access to our team for expert training.

Whether it's for you or your team (or both 😊), we're offering free training for the whole of 2021. To take advantage of this, simply pre-register your interest now and we'll be in touch with more details in a few days.


Hear from some of the previous attendees of our training...

“I really enjoyed the course content and the transparency of the teacher. He shared a lot of actionable tips and tricks I am going to use for my business. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants a solid grounding.”
Tom Armes
Tom Armes Brand & Media Manager, British Glass

What's included...


At least six hands-on workshops/training courses throughout 2021


All sessions hosted by HubSpot and inbound certified experts


Homework, cheat sheets, templates and other extra resources


Flexibility to attend whatever workshop suits your needs


Channel tactics such as SEO, PPC, email and content marketing


Platform best practices including segmentation, workflows and lead scoring


Insight into the combined power of the HubSpot platform, including each Hub


Fun! These aren't your typical dry webinars. These are hands-on workshops with like-minded people 😊

Hear from some of the previous attendees of our training.

“I thoroughly enjoyed our training sessions with the guys from Digital 22. The day was insightful and as a new marketer, I'm so excited to see how HubSpot will change our marketing journey. The guys at Digital 22 were so eager to help making us all feel at ease.”
Isabella Hambley
Isabella Hambley Understanding ModernGov


It helps us deliver on our core purpose. Grow, Learn and Enjoy. Together. Our mission isn't just something we write down to look good, we live and breathe it every day and invest in it. This is part of the investment - delivering free training to the HubSpot community.

Nope, you're in total control of your learning. Attend them all, send different team members to different sessions or just drop in the ones you want to learn about. It's up to you. 

It's looking likely to be online, utilising Google Meet. However, if there are any changes in the COVID-19 situation towards the end of the year we might host some sessions in person (if the group would like to do so).

  • Want to learn about HubSpot and inbound
  • Your company is a current user of the HubSpot software (any platform)
  • Be opened minded and enjoy learning from peers

Keeping yourself and your team upskilled and up to date is hard. There are changes with HubSpot every week and the channels of inbound marketing are constantly evolving. What works and what doesn't work fluctuate quarter to quarter... that's why we are offering support. 

Why Digital 22?

Diamond Partner

We’re a Diamond HubSpot Partner that eats, sleeps and breathes inbound and HubSpot. Our team is made up of specialists who all know the best way of utilising HubSpot in their specific area of expertise.

We are tried
and tested

We’ve developed these workshops to help you to get the most from HubSpot and inbound. All of our tips, tricks and suggestions have already been tested on ourselves, meaning we’ve only included the ones we know work.