What? More new team members - wow!

We’ve got five new team members to introduce you too.

What? More new team members - wow!
Written by Emily Yates
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It doesn’t seem two minutes since I started at Digital 22, but since then, we just haven’t stopped growing. The team is getting bigger each month and every single one of us is contributing to the amazing results we deliver for our clients.


When someone joins our team, it’s really important that they’re a great fit, not only for right now but for helping us shape the future and obviously, they have to be pretty good at their jobs too.

We’ve got five new team members to introduce you to. So here goes…

Welcome to Digital 22

Aleks Michajlowicz - Video Marketer

aleks@2xAleks is our very own inhouse video making machine. He can regularly be seen around the office snapping videos of the team and events. Or you might find him visiting our clients to film engaging and creative videos that will then form part of their inbound campaign.

He spent his uni years studying media production and has also worked for a university as a media coordinator, so it’s no surprise that he knows his way around video editing software.

He has also lived and worked in Vietnam as a teacher which is pretty cool.

When not making videos (and he does that a lot) he likes to run, read and listen to music. Not at the same time though - I think that would be a struggle. I also see lots of old cars pictured on his Instagram, so I think there may be a hobby there too.

Hannah Ruston - Office Administrator


Hannah is one of those people who makes me feel really old. I’m nearly 10 years older than her.

Before working at Digital 22, she studied A-Levels in Travel & Tourism, Business Studies and Sociology. She’s currently working towards a Level 3 NVQ in Business Administration and is often responsible for organising team events like outings to Crystal Maze. That’s my favourite to date.

She says: “I definitely get my organisation from working in the hospitality industry for five years. My love for helping people comes from my customer service work experience at Center Parcs. I blame both of those jobs for making me a chatterbox as well - I never know when to shut up!”.

Her organisation skills are enviable but I'm not going to comment on her being a chatterbox.

Hannah is what I call a social butterfly. She loves to be around people, so if she isn’t at work, she can often be found at the gym, running or out with her friends and having a drink. The night normally ends with her on karaoke making a fool of herself.

Josh Quarrie - Inbound Strategist

josh@2xOur very own Bear Grylls. Josh loves to be outdoors, especially climbing and camping in the mountains with his labradoodle. He even skydived recently. It sounds amazing, but I’m not sure I’d be willing to give it a go.

He’s joined our team of Strategists and is a client's first point of contact. His role focuses on creating effective strategies and delivering successful inbound campaigns.

Josh likes to listen to podcasts and combines that with his other hobby of playing Dungeons and Dragons. He listens to a podcast called ‘Dungeons and Daddies’. He always promises that it’s not as weird as you’re thinking, but I haven’t listened to it to find out.

Abdul Shahid - Design and Development Manager

abdul-shahid@2xAbdul has so much experience it would be hard to list it all. When I asked, he gave me so many different codes he can write in that my mind was blown. PHP, CSS and Javascript are just some of the ones he mentioned that I‘ve heard of (I’m going to pretend I know what they are though and quickly move on).

He’s worked in many areas including development, graphic design, network management, network design, server management and infrastructure support for both small family-run businesses and multinational companies. He’s travelled the world doing it too. I’m pretty jealous of some of the places he’s been to.

Abdul is an absolute foodie and that’s something that fits well at Digital 22. He regularly cooks and experiments with new flavours and fusions. And when he brings food into the office, it doesn’t hang around for long.

He can often be found exploring the moors and hills around the UK on his custom-built NukeProof (to save you googling like I had to, that’s a bike) and spending time with his family, who he says are his anchor that keep him down to earth. We think they do a good job.

Marcin Lewicki - SEO Marketer

marcin-lew@2xMarcin joined us as an SEO Marketer. It’s his responsibility to work on clients’ SEO strategies to ensure they perform well in the eyes of search engines.

He’s another self-confessed foodie (are you sensing a theme?), but can’t let his love of food become too much as he’s a semi-professional boxer and has to stay at the peak of physical fitness. As you can imagine, he spends a lot of time in the gym to achieve that.

When he isn’t at work or in the gym, he could be walking his dog, Milo, a black labrador, socialising or travelling.

Marcin is the most recent staff member to join Digital 22, but it probably won’t stay that way for long.

Want to join the team?

We’re growing really quickly so there are always opportunities to join the team. If you'd like to stay up to date with these opportunities, you can visit our careers page. There are opportunities for yearly trips to Boston (America not Lincolnshire), early Friday finishes, we work above a brewery and we’re all quite friendly. What’s not to love?

Take a look there may be the perfect role for you.

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