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What it's Like to Work at an Inbound Marketing Agency

Written by Jacob Stear

27 | 11 | 18

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If you’ve never worked in an inbound marketing agency, then you won’t fully know what it’s like to work in one. Even if you’ve been at a traditional marketing company, there are all kinds of differences to a role at an inbound agency. To give you an idea of what it’s like to work for an inbound marketing agency, here’s a quick insight into a typical day at our office.


A Typical Day at Digital 22

The Management Team

It’s Monday morning and we’re back in the office after the weekend. After a much-needed cup of strong Kenyan coffee, the teams are ready to get to work. The Management team start the week by holding a meeting which aims to fix staff issues and help the company to grow.

We have the opportunity to raise the challenges we’re facing and possible solutions to them in weekly surveys. The Management team then collate our responses and use them to assess areas that can be improved.

Their meeting is an opportunity to give updates on how their individual departments and teams are performing and any challenges that they’re facing. This makes sure that there’s no disconnect between teams and stops bottlenecks from forming.

The Inbound Team

Meanwhile, the Inbound team are catching up on emails and having their daily scrum. They use the scrum to bounce ideas off each other and talk about which strategies are having the most success for our clients.

We have clients of various sizes and types, so our approach is always slightly different. The Strategists and Marketers work together to build inbound marketing campaigns that work. Because there’s such a wide variety of clients, we need to be flexible.

An in-house marketing role needs you to live and breathe one brand. But at an inbound marketing agency, there’s freedom to explore different industries and develop creative talents.

Campaigns are always tracked to see what’s working and what isn’t. The Inbound team use split testing to experiment with different strategies. We’re always learning and adapting to find the best way forward.

The Customer Success Team

After lunch (and a trip to the local chippy), the Customer Success team are having calls with clients to update them on our progress. They use tools like Zoom to have update chats and video calls with clients from all over the world.

They’re the glue that keeps the whole office on track. They’re the face of Digital 22 for our clients but are also responsible for managing projects and scheduling work for all of the teams.

The D&D Team

The inbound marketing basics are key in all the work we do, especially the Growth-Driven Design web builds that our Development team carry out. Continuous improvement to a website yields far better results than full rebuilds every few years.

The Design and Development team work on our clients' websites. They work closely with clients to produce a website and downloadable content that they love. There’s no real typical day for the D&D team as they have large-scale projects that they’re working on at any one time.


The Content Team

Although we’re split into teams at Digital 22, there’s an awful lot of collaboration that goes on. I might be writing an eBook for a client, but before that brief has reached me, it’s been worked on by Strategists, Marketers and other members of the content team. After I've finished writing it and it’s been proofed and reviewed, it heads to the Design guys who turn it into a download that’s engaging, accessible and rewarding for the reader.

Our team is responsible for all of the written content that’s used in client’s blogs, eBooks and downloads as well as the copy that goes on their website. We’re always very busy but there’s usually time to sneak a quick game of FIFA in.

Whatever our roles, we combine to help clients reach their goals through inbound marketing. We make sure we’re at the top of our game by constantly training and developing our skills. There’s always time set aside to watch training videos or read the latest blogs from industry experts.

After work, it’s time for a drink in the bar downstairs (did we mention we work above a brewery?) or a game of five-a-side football in the nearby sports hall. Our early Friday finishes give us plenty of time to socialise outside of work, whether it’s on a trip to the races or on a night out.

Content Team

Thinking of Joining Our Team?

We’re a Diamond HubSpot agency, helping our clients to reach and pass their goals with inbound marketing. Digital 22 is always on the lookout for creative, passionate individuals to join our growing agency. Take a look at our careers page and browse our open vacancies. If there’s no role for you that’s currently open, then you can still submit your CV and we’ll keep it on file.

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