Introducing Pen Pod at Digital 22

Come and meet the three newest members of Pen Pod, Digital 22's dedicated writing team.

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As part of Digital 22’s continued growth, we’ve now expanded our writing team - the creative minds behind the content creation for all of our existing and future clients. We’d like to introduce you to Pen Pod, find out more about them and what they bring to the team.


Ivy Halstead Dawber

Ivy is the newest member of our writing team, who joined us in September. She has a tremendous love for language and achieved her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Language 3 years ago.  She puts her passion for English to brilliant use here at Digital 22 where she writes and edits brilliant content for our diverse range of clients.

Ivy loves reading, gaming, watching anime, the oxford comma, and memes. She believes that memes are not just great for fun but can also be used in content marketing, especially when dealing with a younger audience.

Oh look, another meme

Some unusual things to note about Ivy are that her favourite vegetable is sprouts, which she eats all year round; she has a weird fascination with coat hangers, and can easily sleep for 12 hours at a time.

Ivy has worked in a range of different industries and was even an English Teacher in Cambodia, where she lived with her husband for almost 2 years. Ivy’s favourite person in the whole world is her husband, Liam, who she loves spending every moment of the day with. They’ve travelled to some amazing places and countries together and they hope to be able to see more of the world in the next few years.


Raza Kazi

Raza recently joined Digital 22’s writing team in August, putting his passion for content creation to good use right off the bat by getting involved in writing, editing and building blogs for a diverse range of clients.

Raza graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Journalism, but his ambitious nature has seen him embrace the exciting challenge of content marketing.

At Digital 22, Raza is one of three writers on board, responsible for researching existing and new clients, writing blogs, building them on Hubspot along with proofreading work from the rest of the team.

Raza strives to achieve perfection in any task thrown his way, whether it’s the content included in the blogs or perfecting the design, every client receives the same, high effort consistently. As the inspirational Ron Swanson once said, “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing,” a mantra Raza follows.


 When he’s not tapping away at his keyboard, Raza’s life still revolves around a wide range of sports, from his beloved Manchester United to enjoying the growing popularity of mixed martial arts. In his spare time, you can find Raza enjoying video games, explaining to people why Post Malone is his favourite musician, trying to keep the fact that he’s a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan a secret, and collecting trainers - a sneakerhead for you American folk.


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Elaine Frieman

Elaine is a content writer who joined the team back in April. At Digital 22, she’s responsible for writing, proofreading, and editing content. She writes marketing emails, content downloads, guest blogs, and weekly blog posts for an array of clients in disparate industries in keeping with SEO best practice. She absolutely loves her role here at Digital 22, loves working as a writer, writing on an array of topics, and is delighted with the office culture and wonderful co-workers. She thinks it’s truly a great place to work.

The memes keep coming

Elaine comes from an academic background and is a dual British and American citizen, having been born in England (to an American mother who grew up in England and an English father), spending her childhood in her native Oldham, and then moving to Florida, and, subsequently, Georgia where she attended both undergraduate and graduate school, studying British Literature.

She got a first in both degrees, and taught university-level freshman and sophomore English and Literature (English 101 and 102) - teaching students how to write academic papers as well as research - in the US and Germany (for an American university) for several years before transitioning into a freelance writing and editing career. She’s also worked in different fields from customer service, to tutoring, to working as an intern at a diabetes center, to being a teaching assistant in a kindergarten, and working as a paralegal for a lawyer, all of which has provided a new outlook and rich content on which to draw when approaching client accounts.

When she moved back to England, she was lucky enough to stumble across Digital 22’s job advert on LinkedIn, and the rest is history. She feels her research skills gained in graduate school, her love of learning, her adoration of the written word, and her thirst for knowledge has prepared her for a role as a content writer. She hopes to continue to build her career in marketing, and grow with Digital 22.

In her spare time, she likes walking through the countryside, reading, writing, traveling, eating, spending time with friends and family (especially her niece), and her Yorkshire boyfriend, Michael.

Check out her posts on 10 reasons why she loves the HubSpot blogging tool, her analysis of whether Wordpress or HubSpot is the best COS, or her look at how digital marketing will be impacted by Brexit.

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