Fundraising for Emmaus: How Avidly UK & CA is helping tackle homelessness

Here’s how Avidly UK & CA has been raising money for Emmaus, a UK-based charity offering support for those living in homeless situations.

Fundraising for Emmaus: How Avidly UK & CA is helping tackle homelessness
Written by Ryan Johnson
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Throughout my first few days at Avidly UK & CA, I’ve been impressed by a number of things. A welcoming team, positive work culture and clear company vision are just a few reasons my first week has been enjoyable.

But one of the things that stuck with me most is the number of fundraising events that have been held over the last few years.

From conquering the National Three Peaks Challenge to scaling Mt. Toubkal, Avidly UK & CA knows no bounds when it comes to raising money for charity.


Partnering with Emmaus

With more charity events on the horizon, I wanted to dig deeper into who we’re raising money for. Our charity partner for 2021 and 2022 is Emmaus, a UK-based charity offering support for those living in homeless situations. 

Emmaus currently supports over 850 people who have experienced homelessness, providing a home for as long as they need, alongside meaningful work and training.

This year alone, the money raised by Avidly UK & CA stands at over £2,000, with a £3,000 goal set for 2022. With more fundraisers planned for the near future, achieving the target isn’t out of reach. I can’t wait to get stuck into future events!


What's been done this year?

It’d be rude not to start with Tough Mudder, with several of my new colleagues trudging through 10km of mud and obstacles on a wet Sunday afternoon!

With obstacle names like Mud Mile, Hydrophobia and the Ladder to Hell, I’m half glad I missed this one… Saying that, I’ll definitely be putting my name down for next time!


“I was apprehensive and didn’t do enough training, but it was a great laugh. It’s for a great cause, so it was worth the pain!” - Tom Cross, Lead Social Media Specialist


As a big football fan, one event I’m gutted to have missed was the recent charity football match. On Friday 8th July, Avidly UK & CA lined up against Parker PHS to raise money for Emmaus. 

A sum of £320 was collected in buckets around the ground on the day of the game, adding nicely to the annual charity total!



What's coming up?

Following Tough Mudder, attention now turns toward two upcoming charity events: The Welsh 3000s Challenge and Sleep Out to Help Out.

The Welsh 3000s span across a popular hiking route in Snowdonia National Park. The route is connected by 15 mountain peaks, each over 3000ft in height. The challenge is to complete the list of peaks in any order you see fit. Simple enough, right? Good luck, everyone!

During Autumn, members of Avidly UK & CA will then spend the night sleeping out in the open as part of Sleep Out to Help Out.

Alongside raising valuable funds, the team wanted to get a feel for how tough it can be for those without a home, making all the work towards raising money for Emmaus feel much more worthwhile.


“I’m slightly nervous about it, to be honest! I love camping, but being out under the elements with a sleeping bag and some boxes is very different!” - Chris Ellis, Lead PPC Marketer



How can you help?

Have you been inspired by any of our charity stories? Want to support Emmaus and help us reach our fundraising target for 2022?

You can visit our GoFundMe page by clicking the link below. All donations go to Emmaus Burnley. To find out more about Emmaus and the great work they do, click here.

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