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A Day in the Life of Working at a Marketing Agency as an Inbound Strategist

Written by Jacob Stear

16 | 11 | 18

Digital 22’s Inbound Strategists are hard-working, driven and passionate about inbound - or so they tell me. It’s their job to create strategies for clients to help them reach their goals. We asked the Strategists what a normal day is like for them so you can see if it’s a role you’d be interested in.

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An Inbound Strategist’s Typical Day

Collating Data, Updating Clients and Ad Hoc Tasks

I spoke to the Inbound Strategists to see what a normal day for them is like. In-between the client calls and meetings, they told me that they spend a lot of the day finding data for clients to answer their queries. Clients want this information so they can determine what’s working and what isn’t.

The Strategists use tools like HubSpot to find and collate the data the client needs before sending it over to them. Despite the best-laid plans, they usually spend a lot of time on ad-hoc tasks like these. This is because clients want to be kept in the loop with the HubSpot side of things.

They want to know why the Inbound Team have made certain decisions based on user journeys and personas.

Internal Meetings, Campaign Briefs and Data Reviews

Inbound Strategists often spend a lot of time in meeting rooms, especially when it comes to briefing other members of the team on different parts of a campaign. There’s an awful lot to think about and discuss, like content downloads, landing pages, workflow emails, social graphics and more.

They need to make sure all of the teams working on the campaign understand what needs to be done and the ultimate goal. So that everything runs smoothly, they work with the Customer Success Coordinators to spot gaps in processes that could cause problems to arise.


While keeping an eye on current campaigns, they’re also looking to the future to plan the next one. They’ll hold brainstorming sessions to create ideas for future content. By using data they’ve collected and reviewed, they can see what’s worked in the past and if any trends can be looked into. This data can benefit decisions made in the future and highlight which areas need help.

Scrums, Kick Off Meetings and Meeting Clients

Daily scrums give the Inbound Team a chance to catch up with everything that’s happening. If someone’s struggling with a task or needs advice, then it’s an opportunity to offer help.

If a new client has signed with us, then the Inbound Strategist will visit the client to ask a series of questions that the whole company uses when they begin to start work for them. These meetings put faces to Digital 22 and give us a chance to understand as much as possible about how they work and what their aims are.

Once this meeting is over, the Strategist will then review the client’s answers and hold a kick-off meeting. The aim of this meeting is to educate the rest of the agency on the client and the work we’ll be doing for them. They’ll then take any questions the rest of us have back to the client so that everyone’s on the same page.

The Skills that an Inbound Strategist Needs

To be a successful Inbound Strategist, there are a few key traits you’ll need to have.

  • Great Communication and Listening Skills

You’ll be coordinating with teammates, managing campaigns and updating clients so you’ll need to be a great communicator. It isn’t just about talking though as you’ll need to be able to listen to the needs of clients so they get exactly what they want.

  • Time Management

There’s a lot to do and you’ll be kept very busy. You’ll need to be good at managing multiple tasks and making sure you aren’t spending too much time on something. If you take too long then you could be holding up other teams.

  • Analytical Mind

HubSpot allows our Strategists to monitor all kinds of different metrics on their campaigns. They need to have an analytical mind that allows them to spot patterns and trends that can be used to improve future decisions and strategies.

  • Good Leadership Qualities

Inbound Strategists work with other teams within the agency to make sure the project runs smoothly. They need to be able to manage other people and show good leadership qualities so that everyone is motivated and pulling in the same direction.

Think You Have What it Takes to Join the Team?

If you have the skills that a Strategist needs and you think you’d be able to thrive in the role, then we’d love to hear from you. Browse our current opportunities to see if we’re hiring Strategists and the other spots we have open. You can also get a closer look at the benefits of working at Digital 22, like early finishes on Fridays and the best chippy lunch you’ll ever have.

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