Who Are We?

We’re an inbound marketing, creative design, web development and 100% HubSpot marketing agency. In fact, out of over 3,000 HubSpot partner agencies, we were named HubSpot Partner of the Year for 2018. We are also the Red Rose Awards Employer of the Year for 2019.

We work in a purpose-built office in the recently converted, Grade II listed Holmes Mill, Clitheroe. We’re a team of nearly 40, filled with young, friendly people who love inbound marketing. To join us, you have to be hungry to learn, enjoy working as a team, enthusiastic about working with our clients and eager to grow with the business.


What’s the Job?

Content Marketer. And we don’t just mean you’ll be a ‘Content Writer’, there’s more to it than that.

For example, you’ll help out with creating strategic content plans which turn inbound campaign plans into top-quality content. You’ll be given keywords and ideas from an inbound strategist and turn these into the form of content that’s best suited to our client’s target persona.

And that’s just at the start. At the end of a campaign, you’ll also analyse how well our content has performed when it comes to generating leads. It’s your job to make sure the learnings are gathered so they can shape future campaigns. 

But, in between the planning and the analysis of content, you’ll obviously be doing a lot of writing. The job involves writing a number of blogs every week, for a variety of clients. You’ll also be regularly writing longer form content and short web copy, too.

And all of this for a wide variety of clients. We’ve got clients who do everything from sell workwear to builders or software to global enterprises. A key skill in this job is being able to quickly learn a complex topic and present an explanation simply to our client’s readers. Oh, and do it in an entertaining and easy-to-read way.

Other bits of the job include proofing and improving your fellow Content Marketers’ work and helping with anything copy related.

BLOG 1 - content team meeting

Who Are You?

Above all else, you should just love content. Consuming it and producing it. You should be able to find pleasure in reading a well put together blog post titled How to Watch Paint Dry, if it’s written well enough. And then want to put what you liked into action.

That means you live and breathe #content and you’re always looking to learn. And you enjoy passing on your knowledge to those around you.

Ideally, you’re used to an agency environment. With so many clients and so many deadlines, a jump straight from Uni or a slow-paced in-house team can be quite remarkable. We recommend having worked in an agency for at least a year or two.

What’s a must is that you have a portfolio of work, can meet frequent copy deadlines and are handy with a CMS like Wordpress or HubSpot.

Our Content Department in the Creative Team’s pretty close-knit and fine-tuned. If it sounds like something you want to be a part of, send across your CV and some links to your work.




What's on Offer

  • Competitive salary £17,000-£21,000: Depending on experience
  • 35.5 Hour Working Week: Our week is much lower than the national average so that you have an extra 234 hours per year for yourself.

  • Early Finish Fridays EVERY WEEK: We’ve found that an early finish offers plenty of opportunities to socialise together and get our weekends started early.

  • Free, Healthy Breakfasts EVERY DAY: We think it's vital to start the day properly so free fruit and breakfast items are available for everyone to enjoy.
  • Free Booze: But we also enjoy a drink together after work. That's why we have an industrial size fridge stocked up with lagers, craft ales and spirits. Obviously, we also have soft drinks for non-drinkers and those who are driving.
  • Employee of the Month Awards: Each month, our team votes for two of their peers to win a coveted spin of the prize wheel. Prizes range from £500 cash to an extra day’s holiday or chippy lunch for the rest of the team..

  • Cake. Lots of it: Somebody’s birthday? Cake. Visited a client abroad? Cake. We haven’t had cake for a bit? Cake.

  • State of the Art Coffee Machine: An agency can't market on cake alone, it needs plenty of coffee too. Our free barista-quality machine does everything from espressos and Americanos to mochas and cappucinos. But if you can taste difference between a cafe au lait and white coffee, you're more of a coffee snob than some of our current lot.
  • Weekly Five-A-Side: Each week, two teams from the office compete in a friendly five-a-side football game, paid for by Digital 22.

  • Personal Learning and Development Plans: The only way to stay at the forefront of our industry is to be continuously learning, so that’s why training time is scheduled into every team member’s week and every team member has their own personal training plan.

  • Team ‘Level 10’ Meetings: We follow the EOS business plan and have rolled out the weekly Level 10 meeting structure to the individual teams within Digital 22. These are owned and driven by the team, not the management, and is your chance to talk about and improve your experience at work.

  • Weekly Staff NPS Surveys: Every week, we ask the team what could be done to make their working experience better. This feedback is then discussed and actioned by our leadership team in their meeting each Monday.

  • Yearly In-Depth Staff Feedback (we scored +62% in 2018, triple what's normally considered a great score): Annual feedback is also collected and this helps shape the strategic direction of the company for the coming year.
  • Access to Educational Materials: Everybody in the team has access to a wealth of professional training materials and certifications to complete online.

  • All-Expenses-Paid Visits to Boston for the INBOUND Conference: Every year, we take a group of the team over to the USA for the annual INBOUND conference in Boston.

  • Training Course Attendance: From project management training to Brighton SEO, budget is put aside to allow our team to attend relevant training courses in the UK.

  • Table Tennis: Because if a marketing agency doesn't have a table tennis table, can it really call itself a marketing agency?
  • An Extra Day’s Paid Holiday per Year: For every year you remain part of our team, you’ll earn an extra day’s annual leave.

  • Supportive HR Department and Leadership Team: Our HR Coordinator and leadership team are there to offer support and guidance whenever needed.

  • Free Pool Table and Games Consoles: Located inside a restored Victorian cotton mill, our office is packed with flexible working spaces, games consoles, a bar and there’s a gym on-site.

  • Free 'paid for' Car Parking: Nearby car park permit is provided to all staff and this gives free parking across the Ribble Valley, all year round.

  • Regular Work Social Events: Digital 22 takes every opportunity to celebrate. If we have a big success with a client, then it’s only right that we mark the occasion together.

  • Themed Fun-Days in the Office: We regularly host office games and competitions. Whether it’s a summer of Office Olympics, a pub quiz or the Digital 22 Bake Off, there’s always friendly competition and prizes on offer.

  • Pension Contribution: Although we have a young workforce, we know it’s important to plan for all of our futures. That’s why we offer pension contributions 3x the minimum requirement.

  • Full Transparency Across the Business: We believe that being open about where the company is heading, what the goals are and how we expect to get there is only fair. We hold quarterly team updates on how the business is doing financially and strategically. The leadership team also have an ‘ask me anything’ mentality.

  • And We Pay You: Plus, we think it’s only right that year on year, if you’re doing more senior work and have more responsibilities then your salary is adjusted accordingly.


How to apply

Simply fill in the form below and attach your CV. Hit 'Apply now' and we will receive your application.


Where to Find Us?

Holmes Mill,
Greenacre Street,