We deliver inbound marketing for established companies looking for further growth...

We just happen to be great people to work with too.

Our story...

"I was an in-house marketing manager before I took my passion marketing to start an agency (so I now face all the challenges of a business owner too). In these roles I got the sense that bigger and better companies were doing something that I was not to get the RIGHT leads, enough of them and at a price that works. I just had that gut feeling that the marketing I was doing (and what my peers at the time were doing) wasn't the most effective.


(Me, on the right, with some clients at the Inbound conference in Boston)

While in-house I worked with established businesses, those business which have a proven product or service and have been successful selling it. They just needed to find new avenues for growth. It was then I found the inbound marketing methodology and having seen the growth it brings first hand I wanted to offer it to other businesses in the same situation. This is why I started Digital 22.

We can chat more about our story, at the moment I just wanted to let you know a little about why I started the agency. I’d love to hear about your story so get in touch and I'll use all my experience to continue your company growth."

Rikki Lear, Director



What makes us a great fit for your company?


We are so confident you will be delighted with the results that we don’t tie you down to long term contracts.


We don’t subcontract our work to save money; everything is done in house by our expert team to ensure the best results.


Transparency is at the core of our working process. We know digital marketing isn’t tangible so we have an open project management system so you can see what we are working on. We also provide a monthly report for all the service we provide so you can see the progress.


Our team is accredited by Google, Bing, The Charted Institute of Marketing and HubSpot which means not only do we offer fantastic value with proven results, but we are a company you can trust.

Meet The Team

Many companies get stuck, trying to grow, but just don't know what their next move should be. These companies often waste a lot of money on faceless agencies and outdated methods. We are different because we really get to know our clients, become their sounding board, talk through ideas and just as importantly bring our skills, experience, expertise and technology partners to the table.

This is the team who want to work with you...


Rikki Lear

Director of Inbound Marketing


Perry Lear

Director of Paid Search


Andrew Thomas

Inbound Marketing Consultant


Danielle Easton

SEO Consultant


Steph Barnes

Content Executive


Paul Mortimer

Content Executive


Amy Usher

SEO Executive


Samuel Banks

PPC Executive


Mark Byrne



Neil Garrett



Sara Byrne



Lindsay Mallia 

Senior Designer


Andrew Wigglesworth

Senior Developer


James Davies

Developer / Designer


Callum Thompson



Asia Smith

Apprentice Designer 





Our services are NOT for everyone...

We might not be the right agency for you if you are not:

Ready for growth

Not everyone is ready for growth, we need you to follow up on the leads and maintain your level of service with increased sales

Prepared to invest

Inbound marketing is not for everyone, it drives growth which requires a budget

Looking for a partner

We want to understand your business to provide you with the best solution, not just offer you an out of the box package

Striving to improve

We work with people who are striving to make their product / service the best it can be, and we will help you achieve that

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Find out about your business and goals to see if you are a good fit for inbound marketing

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