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We're all in on HubSpot, all in-house and all want to share it with you.

Our growing team of 40-something in-house marketers, copywriters, designers and developers are experts at inbound marketing and know the HubSpot platform inside-out. But they won’t just work with you to turn your ideas (that you don't have time to action) into tangible results. They’ll share it with you because we’re all about growing and learning together.

We’re innovative.

Inbound marketing’s been around for over a decade so everyone who’s anyone’s trying it out - which means it’s time for all of us to up our game. That’s why we tackle things innovatively. HubSpot’s constantly working to update the platform and we’re always looking for new tools for you to use. From Databox and Seventh Sense to Outgrow, we want to help you stay ahead of the digital marketing curve.

D22 leadership team at an awards night
Team members working

We started with SEO.

In 2011, we started as a one-man SEO agency. Now, we’re a team of 40+ specialists who do everything that’s needed for modern-day inbound marketing.

Then went all-in on HubSpot.

Within two years, we started doing inbound marketing before switching to only working on HubSpot. We saw the potential and have never looked back. As the platform’s grown, so has what we do for clients.

And fine-tuned a process.

We’ve got a team of down-to-earth people who all have a specialist skill. They all slot into a process that’s been years in the making and is always being fine-tuned. It exists to make your life easier.

A process that’s proven.

We know it can always be better, so it does evolve now and then, but we know the overall way we work is statistically proven and data-driven. It works and we can prove it.

A process that’s agile.

We pioneered the idea of points-based pricing. We started the trend as it lets you stay agile and puts our specialists to best use for your current goals.

A process that’s innovative.

We’re always on the lookout for new digital marketing tools to help you stay ahead of the curve. Inbound marketing works best when paired with the right tools.

Strategy is key.

We take our time to plan your strategy with you. You’re the expert in your field and we rely on working with you to do what we do best: generate results through inbound.

SEO content is central.

After we work out the overarching strategy, we deliver 90-day campaigns centred around SEO-driven, lead-gen content. What we talk about on your behalf is data-led and effective.

Then we optimise.

Whilst SEO is building up sustainable traffic to your site, we draw more traffic via PPC and tweak what we’re doing based on the results. Every campaign direction learns from what we’ve done in the past.

Automate the nurturing.

We use HubSpot in an advanced way to automate as much of the lead nurturing as possible. Once we’ve agreed on what’s an MQL and an SQL, we can free you up to work on the rest of your to-do list.

And we’ll share the knowledge with you - always.

Whether it’s a trick we read about in a digital marketing blog or it’s a new HubSpot update, we’ll always share our learnings with you. We want to grow, learn and enjoy. Together.

A bit about our team.

Rather than giving you in-depth bios for our dozens of employees that you'll likely never read, here's an overview. We've got almost 50 full-time people here at Digital 22. We're then split into three teams; Inbound, Creative and Support.

Every person has their own specialist role and on average, 17-20 people will work on your account. That's everything from Content and Video Marketers, to Inbound Strategists and CRO Analysts, plus loads more besides.

rikki@2x Rikki
Founder and Director
thepartyanimal@2x Mark
Perry Perry
Director of Client Experience
sara@2x Sara
Inhouse Coach and Wellbeing Coordinator
andrew-thestrict1@2x Andrew
Head of Marketing
sam@2x Sam
Inbound Strategist
amy@2x Amy
Inbound Marketer
paul-thestrict2@2x Paul
Head of Creative
caz@2x Caroline
Solutions Manager
bilal@2x Bilal
emily@2x Emily
Digital 22 Marketing Coordinator
paige@2x Paige
Inbound Strategist
tom-brownsauce@2x Tom Barrett Head of Operations and Finance
mayzin@2x Mayzin
Content Manager
tom-ketchup@2x Thomas
CRO Analyst
mel-thefun@2x Melanie
Talent and Culture Manager
jacob@2x Jacob
Content Marketer
will@2x Will
Inbound Marketer
tiff@2x Tiffany
SEO Marketer
raza@2x Raza
Lead Content Marketer
april@2x April
Inbound Strategist
dan@2x Dan
Inbound Strategist
oli@2x Oliver
Digital Marketing Apprentice
chris@2x Chris
PPC Marketer
sammie@2x Sammie
Lead Social Media Marketer
teagan@2x Teagan
Social Media Apprentice
faizal@2x Faizal
Project Coordinator
tanya@2x Tanya
Inbound Marketer
jack@2x Jack
Inbound Strategist
molly@2x Molly
Content Marketer
Scott Scott
josh@2x Josh
Inbound Strategist
aleks@2x Aleks
Video Marketer
hannah@2x Hannah
Office Administrator
abs-sha Abdul Shahid Design and Development Manager
marcin-lew@2x Marcin Lewicki SEO Marketer
Becca web image Becca Cooper Finance Manager
Jack Cribb Jack
Content Marketer
Tom C Tom
Social Media Marketer
Danielle Whittaker Danielle Whittaker Lead SEO Marketer

Awards and certifications.

Whilst our homepage has some kind words from people we respect, you probably want to see some cold, hard certifications. Here's a few of those.

Client testimonials

“From the very first interaction with Digital 22, I was highly impressed by their professionalism, knowledge and willingness to help. Digital 22 has a family feel to the business and everyone truly cares about their brand and the customers they work with.”
Claire Alcroft, Blue Logic Computers
“Digital 22 are a pleasure to work with. They always make themselves available to offer their expert advice and go that extra mile to make it happen, which is really appreciated. Don’t get stressed about your inbound marketing, just call Digital 22 and work with professionals.”
Anna Liversidge, B&B Press
“The team at Digital 22 have gone above and beyond with the service they have provided us, with the launch of 5 e-commerce websites, fully integrated with HubSpot. They also have a great local social club just around the corner that you can get 4 pints and a coke for £13:-)”
Gordon Nardini, Chameleon Pens
“I’ve launched a lot of organizations on Vidyard and Hubspot I can confidently say that the Digital22 team have mastered both! Their depth of understanding on how to leverage video is top notch and they were all wonderful to work with.”
Marija Ilic, Vidyard
“Attended an SEO training day with the guys from Digital 22 and it was great. Despite the training being in marketing and my role being in programme, it was hugely beneficial and will certainly allow me to perform better in my core tasks.”
Chris Platt, Understanding ModernGov
“Great at explaining processes and answering any questions. Would highly recommend.”
Lillie Fulton, Govnet Communications
“I have worked with Digital 22 to implement HubSpot and inbound marketing. Fantastic service, they get right into the core of your business to make sure that you get the very best from this great CRM system.”
John Earnshaw, Service graphics - Skelmersdale
“Very good, Jack is excellent and always willing to help no matter what the problem going over and above.”
Verity Clark, Dominion Print
“Digital 22 is an agency that not only advises and teaches others but implements all of it for their business meaning that you can trust that it works. A great team to work with, super down to earth and incredibly knowledgable.”
Hannah Churchman, accessplanit
“The Digital22 team are true experts in digital marketing. It's rare that we've seen this much talent under one roof. Their unique ability to build strategy and structure to drive real business results is second to none. On the technical front, not only do they know how to deploy HubSpot so that you get the most out of it, but they're also experts in deploying, managing and driving even more value with integration partners.”
Mike Donnelly, Seventh Sense
“Digital 22 team members are super experienced in inbound marketing in quite a few areas. Since they have so many successful campaigns under the hat, we ask them to share their expertise & tips in our research articles and experts' roundups, especially when it comes to video marketing, lead generation and email marketing. It's always a pleasure to work with them.”
Spela Mlekuz, Databox
“They have been excellent, both as a Hubspot implementation partner and outsourced marketing team. They turn up on time and in a positive frame of mind, they are always full of good ideas, but are willing to listen to ours. They are expert digital operators, but willing to learn about our market and walk with us through what is an incredible period of change. Not only that, but they're all nice! I hope that Digital 22 continue to build on their ambition to be inbound leaders in the UK and make Clitheroe the centre of the known universe for digital marketing while they're at it.”
Jude Browne, Newcastle University
“Exploring the use of new technology can be intimidating . Having a team who can authentically help you navigate the process and who are able to design bespoke solutions for your sales and marketing needs is absolutely imperative. I appreciate the ease of which their education sessions were facilitated as and when required , along with their constant support and guidance . We worked well together as a team to ultimately design a system which would meet all of our requirements . Thanks for your engagement and interest in our success .”
Brian Madeiros, Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty
“It's not often you work with a company that are honest, friendly and have good ideas. Digital 22 are exactly that. They have provided good ideas for campaigns, but have also supported the implementation of Hubspot, which goes beyond the traditional Marketing processes. No task is too complex and where challenges have been highlighted, Digital 22 will always come up with a solution.”
Dayna Robb, Newcastle University
“We've just started working together with Digital 22 to help us with our HubSpot move, and so far I can only say positive things. Rikki and the team are delivering great training sessions and "holding our hands" during this implementation period! Very helpful, would highly recommend!”
Sarah Lewington, Inside Government
“The team at Digital 22 are excellent and reassuring. They are walking us through the process to step change our digital marketing and are taking a very proactive, insight lead approach. We have found all of the team at Digital 22 to be interested in our business, engaged in the process and knowledgeable in their area of expertise. We are learning a lot through the process and can't wait to see the results!”
Claire Bradley, WIFI Spark

Our process is proven to work and tailored to you.

And it's fine-tuned to deliver results. In fact, we're proud to say it's been adopted by other HubSpot partners.

We've been specialising in inbound marketing for years and switched to solely working on HubSpot in 2014. Since then, we've learned a lot and we don't mind admitting we made a few mistakes along the way. The main benefit to you is that all this did was allow us to fine-tune our process. Now, you can benefit from this experience. Our ways of working are designed to help you get stuff done and get results.

Paul and Tom working together on a project

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