We Have Shaped Digital 22 To Be A Bit Different...

Many marketers get stuck trying to get better results; they either don't know what their next move should be or don't have the right people to bring their vision to life. They often waste a lot of money on faceless agencies using outdated methods which ultimately doesn't help them hit their targets.

First and Foremost...

We Are Massive Fans Of

So much so, that we went 'all in' on the platform around 5 years ago, and have never looked back. HubSpot and Inbound Marketing isn't a side project for us, or something we dip our toe in occasionally - the entire team at Digital 22 work in HubSpot everyday.

All of our clients use HubSpot. In fact, we insist on it before we start working together.

We Don't Want The Typical
Agency-Client Relationship. Do You?

In our experience, the best results come when we really get to know our clients and become their sounding board. We love to talk through your ideas and then bring our skills, experience, expertise and technology partners to the table to help you succeed. Inbound Marketing takes time and energy to implement successfully. The relationships we build and our collaborative approach is essential in delivering results.

Who We Help

We Specialise In Helping In‑House Marketers Deliver Amazing Results

Are you short on time and lacking in resources? Don’t worry! We're on hand to offer advice and guidance, implementing proven marketing plans that generate results quickly. It’s simple. Whether you're flying solo or are part of a larger team, you’re in good hands.

Putting your faith into an agency is a big decision; here's what we think you will want to know about us to reassure you that you are making the right choice...

Our Certifications

To Trust An Agency, You Need To Know They
Are Experts

We are proud to say we are experts in our field...
We are one of the few Diamond HubSpot agencies in the whole of Europe, proving our knowledge and expertise, and getting results from the platform.

We are also certified by these companies too...


Our Team

You'll also want to know we aren't just one person

We are one of the largest 100% HubSpot agencies
in Europe, not a one-man band working from his
bedroom in his pants. (Hey, it happens!)


Rikki Lear

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Founder and Director of Digital 22 with a background in SEO. Chartered Marketer, Degree in Business, Adwords Qualified, HubSpot Certified and Bing Qualified.

I am heavily involved in our sales and marketing, as well as offering my experience to the inbound teams. I spend most of my spare time with my wife, Perry, and our little one, Cooper, but I also love watching football, supporting Sunderland AFC and playing golf.

Interesting fact? I learned to be a scuba diver instructor as teenager in Yemen. That was when I lived in Yemen at 123 Yemen Road, Yemen.



Mark Byrne

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Director at Digital 22, HND in Graphics & Photography, Degree in Graphic Design and Certified in HubSpot. Too many courses to list but one of my favourites was Tony Robbins’ five day Business Mastery. Winner of the 2016 Digital Entrepreneur Awards and National Entrepreneur Awards 2013

I’ve been fortunate enough to work for many global clients over the last 20 years such as Procter and Gamble, Nestlé, Mars and MasterFoods. Many household names such as Ariel, Pampers, Pedigree, Dolmio, Uncle Ben’s, B&Q, Boots and Cadbury to mention a few.

I have a passion and love for business growth, marketing and learning. The bigger the challenge the more desire I have to succeed.

My main motivation are my three girls, who I live for. My hobbies are anything adrenaline based: Mountain biking, snowboarding and boxing… it’s the only way I can switch off.


Director Of People

Perry Lear

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Director of People at Digital 22 with a background in paid search and account management.

As Director of People I am responsible for recruitment, training and culture - generally making sure we have a happy and effective team. This is one of the core beliefs amongst those of us who formed this agency.

Most of my time is spent with my beautiful son Cooper. Any other little spare time I get I love enjoying a nice meal out and few drinks with my husband, Rikki.

Something most people don't know about me is I’m a secret scouser :)


Senior Inbound Manager

Andrew Thomas

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As Senior Inbound Manager, I'm responsible for our key client relationships, marketing strategies and results. I also support and train the wider Inbound team to ensure that Digital 22 is at the forefront of the Inbound movement.

My background is in e-commerce and I graduated in Consumer Psychology what seems like a lifetime ago. I'm certified in Hubspot Sales and Marketing, Email, Content etc (however they seem to create a new exam each week!)

You'll find me at the #ManchesterHug, on the Inbound After Hours Podcast - or walking my dog Teddy on a weekend in the woods.


Inbound Manager

Paul Mortimer

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Inbound Manager with a background in written content and a pretty diverse range of experience. Certified by AdWords and by HubSpot.

At work, I liaise with our clients and plan how to achieve the results they want through inbound marketing. If you worked with Digital 22, be prepared for early morning Basecamp messages from me.

The rest of the time, you’ll find me walking the dog or playing cricket. And assuring my other half that, “Yes, I do think that’s a lovely picture on Houzz, Charlotte, but, no, we don’t need to redecorate the living room just yet.”

Under weaknesses, I’d have to put “eczema”.


Senior Inbound Marketer

Danielle Easton

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Senior Inbound Marketer at Digital 22 with a background in SEO. I have a Marketing Management Degree and am certified with HubSpot.

My specialism is looking at the technical side of the website (ensuring all the correct factors are present for the website to be a success organically) as well as outreach. Outreach is the process of contacting websites in the correct niche, building relationships with them and gaining links to help strengthen your website’s trust and authority.

My favorite things outside of work are walking my 3 dogs, decorating the cottage and watching Countryfile.



Sara Byrne

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Accounts administrative and Office Administration responsible for updating our accounts and dealing with client’s invoicing and payments.

I enjoy general office duties which include assisting and helping staff and the directors with workload and helping clients with any queries.

I spend most of my spare time with my two daughters, who keep me on my toes, and our dog Marley, who we enjoy taking on walks and adventures.

Secret Star Wars Fan!


Solutions Manager

Caroline Sibley

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Solutions Manager with a background in the tech industry. I have a BA in Business Management and am, of course, HubSpot certified.

My role is to work with organisations to maximise their full potential by utilising the Inbound Marketing methodology, a proven framework for digital marketing, and HubSpot our technology partner who allows us to show your ROI down to the penny.

Outside of work I enjoy crossfit and all sports, especially football and Burnley FC. Most of all I love spending time with my gorgeous family who keep me very busy.


Customer Success Manager

Tom Barrett

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Customer Success Manager with a background in project management and business analysis, and a huge passion for process improvement. I’ve previously worked at Shell and have five years experience in working project management and five years in business analysis. Prince2 Project Manager certified.

At Digital 22, my typical day consists of liaising with clients on project schedules, changes in scope and information requests. I’m responsible for onboarding clients into the company and showing them the Digital 22 way of working. I also schedule work for the team, ensure deadlines are hit and manage capacities.

On a personal level, I’m an avid sports fan and Arsenal supporter. I enjoy basketball, climbing, snowboarding and of course, football. You’ll most likely find me being kept on my toes by my son Otis or exploring Lancashire sites with the family. I’m a traveller at heart and will rarely pass up the chance to experience different cultures. And some fun facts about me - I got married in Thailand and have lived in London and LA.


Design Manager

Katie Towers

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Design Manager at Digital 22 with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design. In charge of designing amazing things and looking after the designers and developers.

Keen climber, fell runner and snowboarder. Miles better at all these things than Mark. I’m a big fan of Game Of Thrones, the Harry Potter series and the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, and too many books to mention.

When, I was little, I used to talk in a made up language that only me and my twin sister understood.



James Davies

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Developer with a background in Graphic Design, IT Support and Creative Web Development. I'm certified by Hubspot within Growth Driven Design, Inbound and COS Design certifications.

At work I get hands on with all website projects from building the bespoke sites to assisting client’s technical challenges.

When I am not at work I am busy Scouting and traveling to new places. My favorite TV show is Big Bang Theory.

One last thing - I love TEA. And Yorkshire.



Bilal Padia

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Designer at Digital 22 with a degree in Graphic Design and passion for all things creative.

My role at D22 involves creating designed solutions that work alongside the Inbound Marketing, Growth Driven Design and HubSpot COS teams. I love the diversity of client briefs and working to different design mediums.

I like playing football, do a lot of gaming, and I love watching movies (especially Star Wars!).


Inbound Marketer

Amy Usher

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Inbound Marketer certified by HubSpot with a Level 3 diploma in digital marketing.

My role at Digital 22 covers the full inbound spectrum but my speciality is SEO. You would most likely find me doing keyword research, on-site optimisation and outreaching - basically helping clients get found on search engines!

On a personal note, I love partying at the weekend with my friends and having a jolly good time. Other than that shopping, watching Bridget Jones or cooking tea.

P.S I am very clumsy and constantly fall over :)


Inbound Marketer

Samuel Banks

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Inbound Marketer with a background in PPC. HubSpot Inbound Certified and also a Google Partner in the Fundamentals, Search & Shopping. Recently earned a City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma in Digital Marketing.

My roles here is to manage and report on paid ad performance. Also collaborate with the Content Team on Inbound Delivery and ensure smooth execution of paid strategy.

Chelsea fan and solo-travel around Europe to watch people play video games. Yes, that’s a real thing these days. Affectionately known as Clickbait or Clickers for short.


Inbound Marketer

Emily Yates

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Experienced Inbound Marketer who has knowledge of all aspects of digital marketing. I have worked in-house in various industries and certified in various qualifications, including the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

At Digital 22, I split my time between growing your social media accounts and managing PPC advertising. I’m also responsible for sharing inbound content across the relevant social channels and coordinating strategy with the Inbound Managers.

For my sins, I’m a Bolton Wanderers season ticket holder and enjoy going to away games (in regards to recent seasons, I’m using the term ‘enjoy’ pretty loosely there). I’m also in a brass band as part of the Salvation Army, having played the euphonium since I was five.

An interesting fact about myself is that I volunteer with the emergency response team, so this means I help feed firefighters and police officers at major incidents.


Content Marketer

Raza Kazi

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Inbound Marketer who is a content specialist and has previously worked in digital sports journalism. Qualified with honours in a Sports Journalism degree from the University of Central Lancashire.

Now working as one of the Digital 22 writers, I’m part of a team dedicated to getting to know your industry and business, inside out, so that I can write helpful and engaging content to attract customers.

Outside work, I love all things to do with sports, from football to MMA and WWE. In fact, I eat, breathe and sleep sports (now that I’ve given up literally sleepwalking, which I used to do quite often!).

I’m also a big Netflix binge-watcher. And this led to my friends and family saying I look like Pablo Escobar from Narcos… but I don’t see it.


Inbound Marketer

Paige Denton

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Inbound Marketer and HubSpot Certified with a BA in Fine Art. My background in the arts has given me a distinctive, creative flair to my marketing efforts which helps our clients to stand out from the crowd.

I have knowledge and experience in all aspects of inbound marketing and have worked in-house within the tech and printing industry. On a typical day at Digital 22, you’ll find me helping the Inbound Managers, creating inbound marketing strategies for our clients, as well as implementing them.

Outside of work, I like to catch up on the latest series that’s on Netflix, doodle with my pencils and watercolours, and go for long walks with the family dog.

I’m quite partial to a funny gif from time to time...


Content Marketer

Mayzin Han

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Content writer who previously worked in advertising and has a history in writing for print and online, social media and fashion journalism. Graduated with a BA in Magazine Journalism and MA in Public Relations.

At Digital 22, I’m part of the team that works to get to know you, your business and the industry like the back of my hand so I can produce content that’s designed specifically to attract the audience you want.

Outside of work, I’m a massive shopaholic who loves cats, cups of tea and a good mojito or daiquiri. I also aspire to have a Victoria’s Secret model body, but I just love KFC too much. If there was ever a zombie apocalypse, that’s the thing I’d miss the most - for sure.


Where We Have Been Featured

To keep you ahead of your competitors, you'll want to work with an agency who is cutting edge.

Major publications have published our insights because they trust us to provide leading, professional and honest advice to their readers.

Below are just some of the publications we have written for...

The Creative Difference

Unlike most inbound marketing agencies, we not only value process and analytics but also creativity.

That's why we have an in-house creative team of designers and developers who can take those boring eBooks and blog posts and turn them into something special that your prospects will want and appreciate!

To Sum Up

We are a bunch of friendly people who really want to help you do better marketing for your company. You can add us to your team as a pair of safe hands to guide and implement your inbound marketing and HubSpot. After all, we have been there and done it all before: we know what works and what doesn't through experience; you don't have to make the same mistakes and can jump straight to the amazing results.

Anything Else You Want To Know About Us?

Your call won't go into an automated system and your messages don't get sent to the abyss. One of our team will answer your call and will be more than happy to talk to you.

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